Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Where can you Use the Brazilian Walnut Wood In Your Home

Using The Brazilian Walnut As Floor

Produced with solid wood, The Brazilian Walnut match any décor, from rustic to contemporary, bringing unrivaled comfort and beauty to your environment. This type of Brazilian Walnut flooring cover a broad spectrum of widths and lengths, colors, hardness and prices, all to meet the needs of your project.

Wood Floors create a stunning look on your balcony, garden, pool or that special space for you to spend delicious moments with family and friends. Whether indoors or outdoors, a wooden floor provides both elegance and warmth in winter as in summer.

Only work with hardwood flooring, providing safety and durability on flat or uneven areas.

Value your environment transforming spaces with a Brazilian Walnut Flooring. Ever wondered revolutionize the decor of your home?

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Brazilian Wooden stairs 

The ladder is an item of absolute highlight in the decoration of a room and nothing impresses as much as a beautiful staircase!

The Brazilian Wooden stairs offers a variety of choices in solid woods, projects serving traditional or contemporary styles, quality and sophistication.

Brazilian Wood Panels 

What does a Brazilian wood panel be as attractive in a home or office? It's the detail, shape, texture and tonality that only wood can offer! Produced in solid wood of several species, our panels can take any type of wall, arranged in smooth finishes, grits or mosaic, affixed directly to the wall or MDF boards.

Create a unique effect on the decoration of your home.

Also available in Wood Demolition.

Find A Plan To Improve The Modular Floor To Your House

Modular Homes Floor Plans

The Modular Floor is an innovative product, with various applications and has exclusive categories of benefits, serving a huge range of consumer needs, whether individuals or companies. When you make a Modular Home Floor Plan, The floor can be used as a pallet, and the pallet or floor, being present in many corporate and residential environments. Standard features, Antistatic finish and ramp access and version.

Its Quality are many, but we can highlight key

• Non-slip, reducing the risk of accidents; 
• Has anti-UV additive and thus may be exposed to the storms of time; 
• Versatile to be modulated can be wrapped in all directions facilitating cleaning and transportation; 
• High Strength supporting up to 90 tons per square meter of compression, thus occasioning in a perfect product for storage of materials and accommodation; 
• Durability, plastic does not deteriorate easily; 
• Sustainable, its components are 100% recyclable; 
• Mobility can be quickly assembled and disassembled according to the user's needs at different points and at any time; 
• Adjustable with easy finish by any sharp instrument; 
• Economic, just put over the surface, does not require any preparation of the floor or subfloor; 
• Customizable, has 18 colors giving many variations, compositions and freedom of choice; 
• Accessibility facilitated with its unique ramp.
See this Videos about Modular Homes Floor Plans

Major customers and applications

• Finished in booths Trade shows, Conferences and Events; 
• Automobile Box Car dealers, workshops and Tunning shops; 
• Bathrooms, changing rooms, saunas and showers Box; 
• Clubs, Gyms, fitness rooms and Acquaclubes; 
• cold and cooling chambers; 
• Inventories, warehouses and on shelves; 
• Schools, Parks and Playgrounds; 
Construction Companies, Engineering Companies and Condominiums; 
• Hospitals, clinics and therapy rooms; 
• Electronic Industries, and General Electric; 
• Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants and Bars; 
• Home Centre, Shops of Construction and Hardware supplies; 
• Shops Rubber, EPI and technical products; 
• Companies Oil & Gas, Mining, Metallurgy and Energy; 
• Stores and Products Fishing Pools; 
• Pet Shop, Kennels and Agriculture; 
• Architecture, Interior Design. 

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Created to solve the problem of static in various sectors of industry, motoring, production lines and computing. It has applications in telecommunications, electronics, computer rooms, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and food industries, automobiliásticas competitions, battery industries and warehouses of ammunition and flammable. Single report with CEPEL (Eletrobras Research Center), attesting to its antistatic properties. Made from polyethylene, low density modulated height of 17mm, available in 18 colors with exclusive access, can be rolled up like carpet, and can be disassembled into pieces or strips for cleaning ramp supports up to 90 tons in weight per m2 .