Food and GYM!!


There are a number of foods that, because of their nutritional content, are excellent to include in a healthy diet.
bodybuilding diet. Foods that should form the basis of a sports nutrition in all those people whose objective is to increase their musculature and decrease the percentage of fat in the body, increase strength and improve performance during exercise.

The best time to eat the tuna is at night
Among these foods we have:



Tuna contains an ideal proportion of nutrients, both to promote muscle development and to reduce the amount of body fat. Its almost exclusive protein content makes it the ideal food.
USE: Both to reduce the percentage of body fat and to promote muscle growth, you should eat at least half a cup of tuna in water, without adding any dressings and you can accompany it with wholemeal crackers. The best time to eat the tuna is at night, because its main protein content promotes muscle building during sleep and prevents fat accumulation due to lack of energy use during the night.


Chicken meat contains a higher proportion of protein and moderate amounts of fat. Its high protein content makes it ideal for providing a good amount of building and repairing muscle nutrients. It is a food that should not be missed as part of an adequate sports nutrition plan.
USE: It is always preferable breast over other parts of the chicken, as the breast contains less fat. It must be prepared without skin and cooked, grilled or roasted.


They are an ideal food prior to a routine of prolonged muscle building exercises, as they provide a good amount of proteins of vegetable origin and unsaturated fats, which will serve as a source of energy in cases of prolonged efforts. Although they provide a certain amount of fat, they also provide a good amount of fiber which produces satiety and you will not have problems gaining weight.
USE: In cases of muscular exercises it is appropriate to eat half a cup of natural almonds (without salt), approximately 2 hours before a workout. Although it has been proven that moderate consumption of unsalted almonds does not cause weight gain, in cases of exercise routines to lose weight, it is preferable not to consume them unless they are continuous and prolonged exercises, as in the case of marathon runners.


Turkey ham contains twice as much protein as fat and almost no carbohydrate, so it is an adequate food as part of a sports nutrition diet.
Its almost zero amount of carbohydrates makes it one of the best foods eaten at night.
USES: You can prepare a sandwich with two slices of turkey ham, using whole-grain bread and without dressings.


Egg white contains proteins, while yolk contains fats that are harmful to the body in large quantities.
USES: Both for slimming and to develop musculature, it is appropriate to eat only the egg white, which is preferable to eat it cooked and not raw.

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